Google Chrome browser

Is your Chrome browser slowing down? Fix it simply!

Is Google Chrome slow or are you getting the ‘not responding’ message? Here’s a simple trick to make it speedy again!

Keep your notebook near

Find your blogging mojo with #5BlogChallenge

Blogging can be hard to do, so here are some tips for bloggers. But will you take the #5BlogChallenge?

Photograph by Jonas Lowgreen CC BY 2.0

Facebook Fatigue 2015 – The Results

The results are in for the 2015 Facebook Fatigue Survey. Find out more here…

2016 is here

Buckle up – 2016 is going to be a blast!

2016 is finally here – what’s in store?

Team photo

Round Two – Libération’s Whatsapp Experiment

One week on, the results of the voting looked very different – but did Libération’s Whatsapp experiment look different too?


Libération’s WhatsApp Experiment

Libération’s attempt to cover the 2015 Regional Elections using WhatsApp wasn’t perfect – but at least they tried.

Facebook thumbs up or down?

Facebook Fatigue – is it a thing?

During a recent webinar, I was asked about Facebook Fatigue – but there’s precious little research.

A herd of sheep - Not all the same

What do we know about Millennials?

Are Millennials all the same? And what if they’re not?

Youtube Break KitKat

Give Me A Break – Bring Back the KitKat!

KitKat is being rebranded as part of a campaign with YouTube – but does it make sense?


Live From SPACE!

One of those “this is what they made the internet for” moments…