Cashback sites are one of the greatest tools in online money saving and the one that you should always be thinking about when ordering anything online. France has some great cashback tools that are simple to use.coin-1080535_640

When using cashback sites you should think of two things:

1 – Is this actually better value than I can buy elsewhere? 10% cashback is great but not if you can get the same product for 20% cheaper elsewhere!
2 – Cashback is NOT guaranteed! While it works most of the time, due to the vaguaries of the interwebs, it doesn’t always. Mostly it does but not always. Just be aware! Conventional wisdom says that it helps if you can clear the cookies on your browser before logging in to your favourite cashback site and making any orders.

With those two caveats, it’s still a great way of squeezing extra discounts out of online orders.

Finessing the deal

Here is a big thing to remember: Shop A might give 5% cashback on Site 1 but 10% on Site 2! So, do check between them and also bare in mind that you may find that one is more reliable than the other. Don’t get disheartened if one goes wrong – but do let me know if they go wrong a lot and nobody is helping on the relevant site!


Cashback Websites




iGraal is one of the biggest and best known cashback sites in France. It is also currently offering new users a sign up bonus of 3€ – that’s free money! And there is also a very handy browser widget that you can install for another euro – but it’s actually useful, so the euro is just a bonus! The widget (if you are logged in) lets you know if you are on a site that gives cashback – therefore taking out some of the legwork.

They also have a massive range of businesses that offer cashback – from Darty to Boulanger, from Yves Rocher to Clarins, from Toys R Us to La Redoute. The chances are, if you want to buy something online, you can find a cashback link or promo code on there. Cashback can be taken by bank transfer, PayPal or Amazon voucher or you can donate it to charity. You can sign up for iGraal by clicking here.




Shopmium is a mobile app that has become a staple in my house! It gives a limited number of offers based around in store purchases (usually in supermarkets). The app is great because it allows you to scan the barcode of the relevant product before purchasing to check that it is the right one that qualifies for cashback – making it very likely that you’ll get the money! You then buy whatever it is, open the app, rescan the barcode, use the app to take a picture of your receipt and, in a couple of days, the relevant cashback is put directly back in your bank account.

The offers are often food or drink based – so ideal for anyone that eats or drinks! As I type, the offers include pasta, pesto, olives, jams, beer (consume in moderation), Bacardi (consume that in moderation too), Lego, Playmobil and a host of other things. The discounts usually range from 25% to 100%… that’s right – free! Some products are things that companies want you to try in the hope that you’ll love them and buy them – or you could just buy them, love them and wait for the next freebie! They also run ‘unlock’ offers which usually give you something free if you submit a set number of cashbacks requests within a few days.

Shopmium often give a free bonus product (usually cake or biscuit based) to new users. Currently (as I type), it’s a packet of St Michel madeleines! To sign up and qualify for the freebie you need to follow the following instructions:

1 – Install the app onto your iPhone or Android phone.
2 – Sign up and use the ‘code parrain’ KGGHHMKM

That’s it. Start getting cashback!




eBuyClub is sort of between the iGraal and Shopmum in that it provides both elements – cashback and mobile app. Signing up also gives you 3€ into your cashback account – more free money! It has over 1800 merchants and, with the app, a few more. However, the app only works in a small number of store chains and they are almost exclusively in larger cities – so great if you are near them and looking for something in Vertbaudet or Quiksilver but not as wide ranging as what is available on their site.

Signing up is simple – just click here – and so is using it.



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Honesty Box

I make all this information available free of charge – because the idea is, of course, to help people save money! However, bills need to be paid – I’ve not found a way around that yet! So, to help pay for this bit of the site and, if it goes well, maybe a coffee, I use affiliate links where available. Affiliate links are links that do not impact the saving that you can get but they pay a commission to me. I never know who has used them and have to take it on trust from the relevant business that they’ll pay up but it tends to work. Like I say, it does not impact the prices you pay. I hope that you don’t mind but my coffees won’t pay for themselves! 🙂

Huge disclaimer!

Nothing on this site implies an endorsement of any of the businesses mentioned. The chances are that I have ordered from them and I will not include anything that I do not feel comfortable with – however, that doesn’t mean that I have done business with them nor that I think they are good – just that I won’t include anything I’ve had an issue with. So please don’t assume one from the other! If you have a bad experience with something, let me know and if others have had the same issue, I’ll take that into account and maybe remove businesses.