I’ve been increasingly answering questions on expat forums about how to pay less for things in France. Quite often, the same questions come up again and again and, so, to save time and also to make this more widely available, I’m going to put all the information on here.

There are plenty of resources out there for people who want to find deals and shave a few euros off what they are paying. It can be a bit overwhelming and, for some, there’s also a language barrier right at the beginning (what is ‘money saving’ in French anyway?!). Whether it is saving almost 200€ on a mobile contract or getting your hands on some freebies, it is all possible if you know where to look! However, it is a bit all over the place, so I’m hoping that I can help people get what they want, cheaply and easily.

I will be adding pages in the future and they will appear here:

Cashback and kickbacks

Freebies for Kids

Private Sales

(If a title is not clickable, I’ve not finished writing the page yet!)


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About the ‘Expats’ bit

This isn’t just for expats. It’s just that, more often than not, I have shared this sort of information among expats in the past and, as an expat, I know that some of this is hard to come by. So, anyone is welcome to use this information!

Got a Tip or Suggestion?

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Honesty Box

I make all this information available free of charge – because the idea is, of course, to help people save money! However, bills need to be paid – I’ve not found a way around that yet! So, to help pay for this bit of the site and, if it goes well, maybe a coffee, I use affiliate links where available. Affiliate links are links that do not impact the saving that you can get but they pay a commission to me. I never know who has used them and have to take it on trust from the relevant business that they’ll pay up but it tends to work. Like I say, it does not impact the prices you pay. I hope that you don’t mind but my coffees won’t pay for themselves!

Huge disclaimer!

Nothing on this site implies an endorsement of any of the businesses mentioned. The chances are that I have ordered from them and I will not include anything that I do not feel comfortable with – however, that doesn’t mean that I have done business with them nor that I think they are good – just that I won’t include anything I’ve had an issue with. So please don’t assume one from the other! If you have a bad experience with something, let me know and if others have had the same issue, I’ll take that into account and maybe remove businesses.