The mantra ‘content is king’ may be as old as the digital hills but it is still relevant. However, it is often far from easy to keep on blogging. In this blog piece, James Barisic gives tips on how to get blogging and retain your blogging mojo despite all the other time pressures – whether you’re in marketing or any other type of business.

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This year has been ridiculously busy for me so far (I’m not complaining!). I’ve spent what feels like every waking moment creating digital content, designing marketing material, lecturing on digital marketing and social networks, marking essays, translating, researching and all sorts of other things. It has been hectic.

When I’m lecturing about social media marketing, I often invoke the ‘smoking doctor’ – our trusted medical advisor who tells us about the dangers to our health from smoking, despite obviously being a smoker. Essentially, my point boils down to ‘what works for me, works for me – but it may not work for you but this will…’ – or, even more bluntly, ‘do as I say, not as I do!’.

Blogging is a particular issue for me. I put this down, in part, for the fact that I spend a lot of my life blogging (and writing) for other people so, at the end of the day, I rarely feel like updating my own blog. This is, of course, stupid! My site, like everyone’s, needs fresh content but I just can’t…

If you feel the same way, let’s do something about it!

The core of the advice that I give to those struggling to keep their blog fresh is :


1 – Schedule it

Keep a time in your diary that is completely unavailable for anything else – meetings, conference calls, filing, accounts, that important pencil sharpening session, EVERYTHING.

This is your blogging time. Make it regular too. Doing this ensures that you have the quiet time to sit and write.


2 – Give yourself a time limit

For many, nothing is more painful than the idea that you have to sit and write and stay writing until it is done. This kind of open-ended commitment almost always ends with half-written, unpublished blog posts. DO NOT BE THIS PERSON!

Give yourself a time limit – and keep it short.

An hour. You are going to write a blog piece, grab a picture, post and tweet it in one hour. Then you go and do whatever else it was that you needed to do.


Keep your notebook near3 – Keep a small notebook with you – always

It does not matter how well you schedule your blogging time and how well you keep to it, coming up with ideas is hard – and you only have an hour, remember?

I have an annoying habit of coming up with great content ideas just as I am falling asleep. Others do it on the bus or train. Others in the café.

However, if you don’t write them down, they will disappear and you will forget them.

So, the second you get that idea, scribble it down.


Join me – be part of the #5BlogChallenge!

I’ve had enough of being the smoking doctor and I’d like you to join me in a supportive blogging challenge.

Here’s how it works.

I will commit to writing five blogs over five weeks. I’ll spend an hour on each. I’ll pick a subject that is in my small notebook. I’ll write it, publish it and tweet it with the hashtag #5BlogChallenge (my Twitter account is @jamesmb).

If you do the same, when I see your #5BlogChallenge tweet, I’ll promote it for you on Twitter (and maybe you could do the same to other people you see using the #5BlogChallenge hashtag?). Sharing and supporting each other will mean bigger and better audiences for our blogs and, just as important, a bit of moral support!

So, the big question is do you want to be the smoking doctor or will you rise to the #5BlogChallenge?


Written by James