Facebook thumbs up or down?This academic year, I am lecturing in social media to Masters students at the Grenoble School of Management in Paris. To be asked to lecture for such a prestigious business school is quite an honour and I am looking forward to meeting the students in person in a few months time.

We have, however, already started on our journey with a webinar in which I spoke briefly about the state of social media in France and the UK. The students asked a number of very interesting questions and one which lodged in my mind. The question was about Facebook Fatigue.

It threw me because, while I am acutely aware of the phenomenon, I realised that I had not read any recent research on it. Surely there must be some, I thought – and sidestepped the question. The director of the course, Yann Gourvennec, suggested that I take a look and write a blog post on it. So I started to look…

It turns out that very little research has been done on Facebook Fatigue and what research is available is pretty out of date, which means that it might – that’s might – be an interesting topic to look in to. However, we just don’t know!

So, I have put together a ‘rough and ready’ survey on the subject to take an initial look. The results of the survey will be written up (and blogged on here) and, if we find anything interesting, I may well suggest something more in depth.

However, for now, the survey is a maximum of 7 questions long and will take around a minute to complete. I would be extremely grateful if you could take a moment to fill in the survey and, if you are interested in the results, sign up to my newsletter (just to the right of this blog post) and I will let you know whether Facebook Fatigue is a thing – and what that could mean for businesses.

(If the box below does not work for any reason, the direct link to the survey is here http://bit.ly/fbbreak )


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Written by James