You have to hand it to the Nestlé and YouTube teams – their tie up on the #MyBreak marketing campaign has certainly generated a lot of chatter online.

For those of you who have yet to hear about it (there may be someone!), essentially KitKat will be temporarily rebranded as YouTube Break. There you have it. In all its glory. And where Android 4.4 KitKat was a genius bit of marketing, this… this just isn’t.

In the interests of keeping everything nice and fair, I should probably declare that I LOVE KitKats. Really a bit too much. I mean, we all do, right? And it’s only right that they should explain their campaign, so here’s a bit of the official stuff:

The stuff about videos is all very interesting but the real story here is the KitKat rebrand. People in my Facebook sphere have described the idea variously as “cringeworthy”, “”makes me want to vomit” and… actually, I can’t type some of them. When I saw it, I have to admit, the typography made my eyes bleed – to me it looks like something someone had Photoshopped.

Here’s the YouTube Break one:

Youtube Break KitKat

The genius of this campaign is that it will be all about that YouTube rebrand and not the other parts of the #MyBreak campaign – which is an odd campaign at best. The rest of it has hundreds of other slogans being printed across millions of KitKats – many with even worse typography. They include such rousing, memorable slogans as…

…Cycling Break…

Cycling Break KitKat

…and the grammatically awful”Me Time Break”…

Me Time KitKat


YouTube has paid for 600,000 of them to be made. To put that into context, given that 564 KitKats are consumed worldwide every second, that will mean that all the YouTube KitKats will be gone in under 17 minutes – but we’re talking about it and it will leave an indelible mark on the internet.

The initial reason that I took against it really was the terrible typography – graphic designers worldwide will be having nightmares about how bad the temporary wrappers look. However, it also became about the unremitting blandness of the other slogans – Do Nothing Break, Rainy Day Break, Procrastinating Break, “Just because” Break and others just as… no, can’t think of a word. I was beginning to think that it would have been better to leave them blank and give people a pen to fill in their own slogans (at least they would have been more creative) – and then it hit me…

Nestle has inexplicably let its own, highly successful 80 year old brand – KitKat – to drop from the front of the bar. Why?! What a mind-blowingly bizarre way to celebrate the anniversary of one of the most successful chocolate brands of all time – ignoring what it’s called!

While many will continue to pick out the product from its branding get up (the colour, graphics and so on), there is a lot of… well, if not actual imitation, certainly homage within the confectionery sector (especially within the supermarket ‘own brand’ ranges) and so, for me, this is a really dangerous path. KitKat is a fantastic brand and it should be there, shouting about the quality and values of the product and the history of the brand and name – but it isn’t.

The backstory of the rebrand is that Youtube is 10 this year and KitKat is 80. You can forgive the digital upstart for chancing its arm but KitKat should have known better. Although I suppose that every brand is allowed one mistake every 80 years. And, remember, there are only a finite number of these being made, so if we eat them quicker, they’ll go back to being KitKats… Wait! Maybe that was the idea…

Written by James