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Find your blogging mojo with #5BlogChallenge

Blogging can be hard to do, so here are some tips for bloggers. But will you take the #5BlogChallenge?

2016 is here

Buckle up – 2016 is going to be a blast!

2016 is finally here – what’s in store?

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Round Two – Libération’s Whatsapp Experiment

One week on, the results of the voting looked very different – but did Libération’s Whatsapp experiment look different too?


Libération’s WhatsApp Experiment

Libération’s attempt to cover the 2015 Regional Elections using WhatsApp wasn’t perfect – but at least they tried.

Facebook thumbs up or down?

Facebook Fatigue – is it a thing?

During a recent webinar, I was asked about Facebook Fatigue – but there’s precious little research.

A herd of sheep - Not all the same

What do we know about Millennials?

Are Millennials all the same? And what if they’re not?

Youtube Break KitKat

Give Me A Break – Bring Back the KitKat!

KitKat is being rebranded as part of a campaign with YouTube – but does it make sense?


Live From SPACE!

One of those “this is what they made the internet for” moments…

Ordinance Survey Map

Maps for everything from Minecraft to Pubs to Elections!

The UK’s Ordinance Survey has been working hard on the OpenData maps project – and it’s a winner.

Princesshay sky, Exeter

CSR – More than just fluffy marketing

Seeing as we are among friends, I’m hoping we can speak freely. Some businesses see their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as just a bit of fluffy marketing – something that has to be done because other people do it and it looks good.