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What if… Klout was quite useful?

The news that Klout is to close (suspiciously on the same day that the dreaded GDPR is coming into force) has not exactly been greeted with a round of wailing and gnashing of teeth on social media – especially among the professionals. It had huge flaws, it was easily gamed and it was widely dismissed… Read more »

Is the TicHome Mini the breakthrough smart speaker?

There’s a new Google Assistant smart speaker in the pipeline and it looks like it might just be almost perfect…

Google Chrome browser

Is your Chrome browser slowing down? Fix it simply!

Is Google Chrome slow or are you getting the ‘not responding’ message? Here’s a simple trick to make it speedy again!

Keep your notebook near

Find your blogging mojo with #5BlogChallenge

Blogging can be hard to do, so here are some tips for bloggers. But will you take the #5BlogChallenge?

Photograph by Jonas Lowgreen CC BY 2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonas_lowgren/4997514953

Facebook Fatigue 2015 – The Results

The results are in for the 2015 Facebook Fatigue Survey. Find out more here…

Buckle up – 2016 is going to be a blast!

2016 is finally here – what’s in store?

Round Two – Libération’s Whatsapp Experiment

One week on, the results of the voting looked very different – but did Libération’s Whatsapp experiment look different too?

Libération’s WhatsApp Experiment

Libération’s attempt to cover the 2015 Regional Elections using WhatsApp wasn’t perfect – but at least they tried.

Facebook thumbs up or down?

Facebook Fatigue – is it a thing?

During a recent webinar, I was asked about Facebook Fatigue – but there’s precious little research.

A herd of sheep - Not all the same

What do we know about Millennials?

Are Millennials all the same? And what if they’re not?